Members of the Launceston Greyhound Racing Club have rallied together, holding numerous events and fundraisers to be able to donate a large sum to The Examiner’s Winter Relief Appeal.

The figure of $5000 will go towards helping those doing it tough this winter and those struggling with the cost of living.

LGRC Liaison Officer Brennan Ryan said it was important to remember those in need, with the club making sure to give back to the community.

“We have been doing charity meat raffles and raising donations,” he said.

“We have seen that it’s a great way to get involved in helping the community. The Winter Relief Appeal is a great initiative and we think it’s a great cause to help out.

“Tasmania is suffering with a lot of homelessness and people struggling with the costs of living.”

The club has long been involved with charity work and giving back, with some members of the club embracing the cold for a good cause.

“We did a charity initiative through SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY, where we held a racing night in which the majority of the handlers wore shorts for Shorts Day. Being out in the cold and raising a bit of money was a good time for us,” he said.

“The club has always been a part of the Launceston area. Going back to the clubs inception it’s been dealing with a lot of events and charities. We are also connected with St Giles.”

The figure for the Winter Relief Appeal is at $227,571.26, a record amount. With the appeal finishing at the end of August make sure to get in last minute donations by visiting The Examiner office or a participating news agency.

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