It’s true that for many of us, life truly begins after retirement – and this is just as true for greyhounds looking to be rehomed after a racing career as it is for us humans after 40+ years at work!

Greyhounds are a loving, gentle breed and easy to look after – so it’s no surprise that they make great family members!

If you’re looking to provide a fur-ever home for a retired dog through adoption, or perhaps thinking about fostering a retired greyhound and helping them transition from career-dog to couch-buddy, find out more from:

Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) Tasmania

Greyhound Rehoming Tasmania

Greyhound Facts

Unmuzzling information

Find out all you need to know about muzzles for greyhounds in public and the latest in unmuzzling requirements, including unmuzzling criteria, approvals, and accreditation for suitability programs:

Department of Natural Resources and Environment